Join Cybersecurity And Authentication Webinar With OneSpan And Bank Innovation

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Join Cybersecurity and Authentication Webinar with OneSpan and Bank Innovation

Want to know more about the different types of authentication? When is it appropriate to use hard tokens v. soft tokens, or is a combination more suitable? To learn more about this, tune in today to the webinar on soft token authentication from OneSpan, formerly Vasco, hosted by Bank Innovation at 2 PM ET.

In this webinar, David Vergara, director of security product marketing at cybersecurity company OneSpan, and Jeannine Mulliner, director of content development at OneSpan, will delve into authentication technology, sharing industry trends and best practices for rolling out software-based authentication technology, and firsthand insights from an investment bank’s migration from hardware to soft token authentication.

Vergara and Mulliner will also address the following issues:

  • Why some banks opt for a hybrid approach to user authentication
  • How to determine your customers’ readiness for soft tokens
  • The best ways to communicate with customers for better adoption and user satisfaction
  • How to best prepare your help desk to handle new user inquiries and troubleshooting

Click here to register.

This webinar is sponsored by OneSpan.

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