Global Financial Market Review - 2021 Nomination Form

Welcome to the GFM Review nomination submission page. Here you will be able to simply and quickly fill out your entry into the Award process.The research team aims to have you entered into the process within 10 working days of receiving your entry. The team will keep you informed all the way through the process.

Award winners range from Bank(BMO, Bank of China, ACB) through to advisory firms(GreyLoud, First Orient) and financial advisory firms(DeVere Group) to companies that work with and support the financial industry.

The Nomination form is as clear and simple as possible. The GFM research team carry out their own bespoke investigation into all entrants but any additional information you can assist with is always welcome.

Simply fill in and hit the submit key, or you can download the Adobe form here.

Nomination Form

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All nomination information is strictly confidential and not released to any third parties, it is for internal use for GFM Review as an aid for assessing entries. If you need any further information please email us at