Navigating Dutch Self-storage Solutions: What You Need To Know

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In this guide, the team from Boxie24 provides valuable insights on choosing the perfect self-storage facility for your needs.

Moving to a new country is both exciting and challenging, and as an expat in the Netherlands, you're likely dealing with numerous logistics. One of these important aspects is finding the right self-storage solution to manage your belongings efficiently.

Understanding the Dutch self-storage landscape

The Netherlands has embraced the concept of self-storage, offering expats a variety of options:

Traditional storage units

These are the classic self-storage spaces which are available in various sizes. They are well-suited for a wide range of items, from furniture to seasonal sports gear.

Full-service storage

It’s a four-step storage process that is quick and easy. Contact the storage company, choose a unit and they will handle the transportation of your belongings; once the rental period is over, they will bring them back to you.

Container storage

Container storage involves the use of large shipping containers. They are excellent for bulk storage but require more effort in organisation - not the best option, unless you need storage for a business.

Understanding these options is your first step to making an informed choice.

Key considerations for expats choosing a self-storage

When choosing a self-storage facility, there are four critical factors to keep in mind.


Select a storage facility that's close to your home. Easy access can save you time and energy, especially when you need to retrieve or store items frequently. In the case of the full-service storage option, the location doesn’t matter as they pick up your belongings and deliver them back to you.


Security is paramount. Look for facilities equipped with surveillance cameras, access control systems and alarm monitoring - your peace of mind matters.

Access hours

Consider your schedule. Opt for a facility with flexible access or delivery hours, ensuring you can reach your belongings when it's most convenient for you.


Storage facilities use various pricing models. Understand the monthly rates and enquire about any additional fees to avoid surprises.

Evaluating your storage needs

Understanding your specific storage needs is crucial. Follow these steps to evaluate your requirements:

  • Determine your belongings: List the items you plan to store. Are they furniture, seasonal gear, documents or a mix of everything?
  • Estimate size: Estimate the size of the storage unit required for your belongings. Overestimating or underestimating can be costly and inconvenient. Some storage companies offer an online storage space calculator that can help you estimate your needed storage size.
  • Climate-controlled storage: For sensitive items, such as electronics or wooden furniture, consider climate-controlled storage to protect them from humidity.

Thinking about exactly what type of items you have and what kind of care they need will help you narrow down the right option for you.

Full-service storage: A convenient choice for expats

If you're moving or need a place to keep your stuff for a while, think about full-service storage. Many expats like it because it's easy and doesn't cost too much.

With full-service storage, the company does it all: they pick up your things, keep them safe and bring them back to you when you want. You can get full-service storage in the Netherlands starting at 15 euros per month.

Just like moving companies, remember there might be extra charges for picking up or dropping off your stuff, especially if you have many belongings or live on a higher floor.

But keep in mind that most full-service storage places want you to use their service for at least two months, so you can't pay for just one month and stop all of a sudden.

Packing and organisation tips

Effective packing and organisation are key when it comes to storing your belongings in an efficient way.

Here are some tips to ensure successful packing for storage:

  • Efficient packing: Pack items efficiently to make the most of your storage space. Use sturdy boxes and proper packing materials.
  • Labelling: Clearly label your boxes and consider using clear bins for easy identification. Create an inventory list to keep track of what's stored.

Benefits of digital inventory management

Managing your stored items can be more straightforward with digital tools and apps. These tools help you keep track of your belongings and facilitate the retrieval process. Consider using them for efficient organisation.

If opting for full-service storage, you can even use this digital inventory to ask for a partial return of your stored belongings, having them comfortably delivered to you within days.

Exploring insurance options

When storing valuable items, insurance is an essential thing to consider. The options for this include storage insurance and homeowner's or renter's insurance. Explore these options to safeguard your belongings.

Lease terms and rental duration

Understanding the lease agreement for your storage option is vital. One way to do this is to familiarise yourself with common lease terms and conditions, including schedules and potential late fees.

You should also consider the rental duration when storing items. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, it is important to ensure that the facility offers the desired flexibility.

Find the right storage option in the Netherlands

Choosing the right self-storage facility is a crucial aspect of your expat journey in the Netherlands. A well-informed decision can make your life more comfortable and organised. By understanding the Dutch self-storage landscape, evaluating your storage needs and using digital tools for inventory management, you're on your way to a seamless storage experience.

Boxie24 is committed to providing quality full-service storage solutions for expats in the Netherlands. Your belongings' safety and your convenience are their top priorities. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling +31 85 001 2853.